Crisis of Creativity


Things I have not been able to do for approximately the last three weeks:

-Get creative for my class projects (a story about a lime green chair deserves a chance)

-Blog creatively (you can pretend otherwise but we both know it’s the truth)

-Edit my current Work In Progress (I hate the working title so that will be my excuse)

Essentially I have been caught in a pool of creative stagnation.

So of course I did what any logical writer would do… I started a new novel. I am not even going to deny that the fact it is set in Vegas is me projecting.

What do you do to get going again?


Write Your Own Book

To The Window: Adventures of a Twenty Something

He offered her the world, she said she had her own.

Vonj productions

Inspiration received and put forth for the good of the people

Reagan K Reynolds

- a creative writer with an affinity for all things bookish -

A Pen Full of Vinegar

I am not writing for scholars or fellow critics, but for people who like to read, to look at pictures, and to know things. Guy Davenport


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